40 before 40

Greetings everyone! It’s been awhile but now we are in a new year. I remember when 2023 seemed like such a long time ago when I was a teenager, but now it’s here. Is it just me or does this year feel different? In a good way. I feel like I’m on the verge of something amazing.

Some years back, I wrote a list of thirty things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Interesting enough one of the things I put was to go to Paris and do so many things. Funny enough some of the things on my list came true but many didn’t. Do now that I’m in my thirties I need to create forty things to do before I turn 40.

So, I want you as well to tell me what you think of my list and if you are going to work on your own list. 1. Go to Paris, France. Yeah I gotta say it, I still want to see the Eiffel Tower and buy a beret. Oui oui. 2. Go horseback riding on the beach. I’ve been riding but never on the beach. 3. Go to Germany and see the Anne Frank House. 4. Go to the Grand Canyon. 5. Sing karaoke with a celebrity 6. Go to a movie set and be an extra. 7. Audition for Tyler Perry.

8. Get a fashion makeover and shop with Tabitha Brown. 9. Go skydiving 10. Go to a movie premiere 11. Go on tour 12. Go on a national talk show 13. Go viral 14. Make a scholarship program for my hometown 15. Have kids 16. Try Escargot 17. Prepare a culinary dish for a restaurant 18. Go and see Mount Kilminjaro 19. Do a walking marathon 20. Be on a magazine cover 21. Scuba diving 22. Go water skiing 23. Scream from the top of a volcano 24. Go to Kale my name 25. Talk business with Michelle Obama 26. Be famous 27. My home be on HGTV 28. Send my cousin a check for 500k 29. Sing in the rain 30. Wash my hair in the rain

31. Film a day in my life 32. Publish my book. 33. Talk to the President 34. Sing in the Metropolitan Opera House. 35. Sing in Carnegie Hall 36. Be on top of the billboards 37. Have a following 38. Live in two states at once 39. Give away my tips for leaving the middle class 40. Teach others how to submit to their calling.

Well, these are my forty things. What about you? One thing I’ve found to be true is we should all enjoy our lives. My mom always wanted to go to Greece but she left this earth and never went. I’m deciding not to leave any stone unturned. My life will continue to be full and I will pour out onto others. Continue to shine your light. Be blessed!

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