A new day

You know one thing I have realized in my life is that my life goes in phases, I have gone through things like being homeless,abandoned and even talked about. But I have gone through those things with just God and me.

I am right now engaged to be married to a wonderful man, the man that I have prayed for and God has blessed me with. In the start of our relationship, I doubted him, I thought that he was going to be like every other man that hurt me. But this man was different, he constantly showed me that he was the man for me. As we have continued to grow closer, I have started to realize that the past men that hurt me is not the man I’m with.

Now that we are engaged, I have to start replacing “I” with “we” and that has been deep. I feel that as I get closer to my future husband. It’s a new day, a new independence that I am excited to feel. I’m moving forward with my husband.

Choosing understanding

Today today! I have been writing in here and I don’t think I have really shared anything about me…In order to know where you are going you must know where you come from.

Well, I’m simply Renea. As I have gotten older I have found that I’m an onion(I have layers lol) I am a only child by birth but I have blessed to have friends that turned into family and cousins that are the sisters I always wanted. ❤

In my childhood I was apart of a single parent home but one thing that my mother put in me is a love of knowledge and God. I believe that even though things happened in my life, great things can come out of hardship.

Marvelous Monday

Well here I am, as I lay here deep in thought about my life and what life really means. I realize that life is love and love is life.

When you finally feel and know that love is reciprocated its the best feeling. I know that words are just words until someone comes along and gives them meaning. In my life I have known people that said they loved me but only loved what I did for them. When those people leave your life, and when they left my life it hurt but it put me on the right track.

I have come to know that everyday I make the decision to love myself,God and others even though I live in a world that says just look out for yourself and no one else. Choose love instead of hate.

Me…as far as I know

Well here I am….I’m finding myself in a different situation. As I get older I am finding myself more, I am constantly bring stretched, I’m in a world of change right now. I’m in love with life, God and the people in my life.

In my life before I was happy, I was at odds with myself, I had a few people that loved me but I was so unhappy with myself. But with everything that happens in life it requires change…How will you change your life if u are unhappy. I made a change once I got older that I was going to change things in my life. Everyone gets to a point where you need to make a change or just stay still…what will you do?

First day

I’ve been putting so many things off in my life, that I figured this is the day that I make the big step. Well, I’m sure you wonder who is this, and why should I read this blog.

Well I’m Renea, and I’m a complex, funny, serious woman and for the first time in my life…I’m stepping in out, going to where no man or woman has gone before. These are my thoughts, my actions and things that can help you dive into understanding me… I hope you will stay tuned to know more about me and my story…Stay encouraged!