Servant Wife

Everyday when I arise, I sometimes say ” one giant step for mankind.” I get up look over at my husband and get myself together. I remember when I lived alone and wondered at times when I would wake up to the love of my life. Now it’s here. I’m married now, wow!!!

Since I’m a wife now, when I get up I must make sure that my cup is now full. Meaning that I must have my time so that I can be a blessing to myself and others including my husband. As I do my workout, eventually play music and get cleaned up I start to think about what the day will bring or what I would like to happen. Getting my husband up is a intriguing task. I get him dressed, then put him up in the hoyer lift into his wheelchair and our day begins.

My husband doesn’t yet have the ability to walk, so it does take a certain amount of care and humility to not only be his wife but to be a caregiver. The roles of our relationship is different, however the things he can do he does well. My role as a wife, is I’m always in servant mode. Not just the cooking and cleaning but the emotional and physical needs that go with it.

Did you notice how I mentioned that everyday I must make sure my cup is full? Many of us have full plates, some of your lives may look differently than mine but you need to always be full. When we are empty we aren’t as effective as we need to be. Do something that helps you. If I didn’t do things for myself there is no way I would make it doing the things for my husband.

So what does this mean? I know you want to take over the world pinky but you won’t be able to if you don’t take care of you. Don’t just exist but thrive!!


Well, drum roll. My birthday was last week. I’m officially a middle aged woman, it’s a blessing. I’m glad to be this age. You may ask well how old are you? I’m 37 now and some may say you old, some may say you young. I say I’m grateful to be here and I will see you at work.

So, my birthday was great! Hubby took me on a dinner cruise and we had a great day. My cute shoes did break so moment of silence for my cute wedge sandals….thank you lol

The second Part of my gift was my husband and I are in my hometown. So, it’s been great being home. It’s funny that I still call Akron home but I feel like this is where my story begins. I’ve been gone from Akron since 2006 but it will always be my hometown. So, we have been to the Rock n Roll hall of fame and my favorite The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

My mom went to the college here and I spent so much time up at the university so I wanted to poke around up there, I wanted my husband to see the University. So, I’m getting super nostalgic because I can remember being there with my mom as a young girl. Since mom has been gone for sometime , I really like going to the places we shared together.

So, we were going to take pictures in front of the music building and this lady offered to help my husband take a picture and he was talking about my mom graduating from there. The woman knew my mom! She looked at me and said yep I see your mom. My heart jumped! She invited us to a recital and we went. I stepped into the same room that my mommy did her recital umpteen years ago and I met one of my moms professors. She mentioned what a great student she was, and I remembered her last name and the paper mom had written.

My heart is full and I’ve been crying a bit. My mom has been gone now for 14 years and this is the first time coming home that this has happened, meeting people that knew her. My mom’s legacy continues to inspire others. What will our legacies say? I’m working on mine…are you?


Great day! One of my favorite movie quotes is ” The more things change, the more they stay the same. We smile but we are still longing”. I’m really excited about this week, aka Thursday because my birthday is coming up. It seems like every year around my birthday I get a little nostalgic. I find myself going back in time and seeing how far I’ve come.

One of the things I wanted to do as a kid was write, I wanted to write a book. Now, I’ve actually started my book and that feels great. For years it was just a dream, now it’s reality. It took some years for me to start doing my dream. I limited myself, and assumed that working in the social science field would be good, but it wasn’t my dream.

The thing that you love doing, that you wake up wanting to do should be your goal. Everytime I was sad or happy, I wanted to get my journal out and write. It gave me and still gives me so much peace.

In this past year I have made progress, but I’m still hungry for more. So, let’s talk about you. Are you growing or just saying in your mind, you need to wait until your ducks are all in a row?

Public Service Announcement: You will never do anything waiting for stuff to be perfect.


Greetings fam! It’s been awhile but life has definitely been happening. One of the things I’m learning is what my purpose is. None of our lives are accidental. There is a purpose to our lives, some know and do it , while others don’t know and don’t care about it. Where do you lie?

My mom was a teacher, a music teacher at that. Education runs in my family. It got to the point where people asked me if I was going to be a teacher and I quickly said no, I wanted to go into therapy or counseling. I ran everytime someone said you seem like a teacher. I wanted to be my own person, have my own identity away from what people thought of me.

Funny huh? But I realized that teaching isn’t just in front of a classroom, but doing a video on Tiktok showing people how to believe in themselves or writing a blog. I’m doing a podcast and my husband and I are educating others about relationships and the challenges of it. We also shed light on the blessings of marriage and commitment.

So, what Is your purpose? You may say sis, I don’t know it. Well, think about what you enjoy or even what you feel like you are being pushed into. I would also suggest praying about it.

There is more to your life than just paying bills, and death. Live life and live it full! I’m walking in my purpose, will you?

Why won’t you?

A little more than a year ago, my fiancĂ©e wanted me to be in this organization he’s in. I truly thought something was fishy about it. But one day I decided to listen in on the call. Ever since then I’ve been on the calls consistently.

Blessings don’t necessarily look how we think they should. As I’ve been associated and invested in the meetings my mindset has changed. I realize my dreams and I’m constantly working on them. So why won’t you?

As I get older, I’ve realized that I don’t have to limit my dreams . No matter what age I am, I can live my dreams. So what is stopping you?

Write down your dreams, you have to become relentless. Will people doubt you? Yes but keep pressing in. Your blessings won’t look as you think but embrace it. Catch your blessings!

A day of love

It seems like it was yesterday that we were planning our wedding. It’s funny that we had a pandemic wedding. I was so excited and ready to spend the future with my Mr.Right. The hair and makeup done, dress on and I made my appearance.

As I walked into the courthouse, I felt just giggly, happy and just content. When he sees me for the first time he looks at me amazed and says “you look so beautiful .” My heart melts and we hold hands and say our vows.

This year of marriage has been an exciting adventure, from going on trips, swimming with dolphins, seeing so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The trips to the hospital, the lazy days of us just laying in bed. Praying and hoping that one day our children look like you. The moments of laughing until your asthma flares up and us looking at each other with love and a little bit of astonishment.

We have so many dreams that we will make reality. I’ve watched us go into those dreams and be better for it. You wrote a book, I’ve started writing for others. We still have many dreams to fulfill but I’m glad we are doing it together.

You are the man I always wanted, but wasn’t sure I could have. Marrying you made my dreams come true. I love you. Happy anniversary!


See you at work

I’ve got so much to be grateful for. I feel like I’ve got more things to do but when the blessings come it gives me fuel to keep going. I’m here in my mid thirties, on the brink of seeing more of my dreams come true. I can’t give up. See you at work.

It’s easy to just let life get by, and keep your head down and hustle. But when do you decide to be more? Have you decided that yet? When I was younger I wanted to go to college, get my masters degree and become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Have my own practice but retire at 65 and travel for the rest of my life. I did go to college, graduate with my Bachelors in Social science. I haven’t gone back for my Masters.

Now after living in the same financial situation for multiple years. I realized that I shouldn’t live from paycheck to paycheck. But I realized this after years of living from paycheck to paycheck. See you at work

It’s funny how I am constantly unlearning things so I can learn the right things. But in the acknowledging and action is where things change. I’m not meant to live in poverty so it’s time to come up. So what will you do? See you at work

No more ease

There is a quote I love that says “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.” So many times it’s easy for people to lead easy lives and be comfortable with that. As I get older it’s seeing that only some break out of that and no longer want easy lives but the life of their dreams.

Looking at my mother, especially since my mom is a part of the baby boomer generation. She got her degrees, and was a music teacher until she passed. I watched her make lesson plans, do her computer work and take the tests required for her to call herself a teacher. Our lives were easy, I had things and we lived pretty noble.

My life was ease until I realized that I wasn’t happy with living from paycheck to paycheck. I had also lived that way with my mom. I’m not bashing my mom but I realized that’s not for me. The gifts that were put in me, make me desire a different life. No more ease.

I desire to have multiple streams of income, generational wealth and to be more than an employee. It’s up to you to decide that you want more and make those steps. Don’t stop. You must hang in. But don’t you think you are worth it? See you at work

What is the meaning of life?

I was listening to a call on today and it really interested me. So many times in the hustle and bustle of life we get lost on what we are supposed to do or why we are even here. I read somewhere that their are two dates we always remember, the day we were born and the day we found out why.

No I’m not saying how we got here, I think we all know how. It definitely wasn’t the stork lol. Years ago I used to work as a security officer at this carpet plant. The job was okay, but management was bad and the pay wasn’t the best. One of the things I loved was who I worked with and my truck drivers.

The lady I worked with was a sweet lady, one day I asked why am I here? She Said “You are here for me!” She told me she wouldn’t have made it if I wasn’t there. I was definitely cool with that. But then I thought hmmm I realized why I’m here.

We are here to be a blessing to others, to serve. When we serve we empty ourself and give to others. No it doesn’t always feel good but think about it. What roots have you put in someone’s life?

Each and everyone of our testimonies are to show others how they can make it out of their situation. We are meant to let our lights shine. Are you?