Who told me this?

The question I have been asking myself is Who told me this? It seems like one day we were told something, and we kept it for the next 20 or thirty years. Who told me this? I was raised by my mom, who believed in God and who had the most beautiful voice that IContinue reading “Who told me this?”

Is my life over?

It’s been forever since I’ve said hi and I hope all is well with you. I’m in an interesting place in my life. I’m constantly looking at the person I am with the person I’m meant to be. In my life, there have been so many struggles, aka challenges that I’ve had. Some were becauseContinue reading “Is my life over?”

Does time bring about a change?

Heyy!! One of my favorite quotes is my mind is a raging torrent flooded with rivulets of thought. Deep quote right? That’s that college degree talking lol. A phrase my mom always liked to say was ” time brings about a change.” I believed her but as I grew older I wonder….Does it? This yearContinue reading “Does time bring about a change?”

Remedies to Assist You With Hair Loss

Let’s face it: we’ve all been through a LOT of stress, especially during the last 18 months, but we’ve hopefully come out a little bit stronger and more resilient due to the pandemic and the nation-wide shutdown. Stress affects us each a little differently, but one thing many of us (especially women) experience is stress-inducedContinue reading “Remedies to Assist You With Hair Loss”