Who told me this?

The question I have been asking myself is Who told me this? It seems like one day we were told something, and we kept it for the next 20 or thirty years. Who told me this? I was raised by my mom, who believed in God and who had the most beautiful voice that IContinue reading “Who told me this?”

Just start

Well tomorrow makes one year that I’ve been here, writing this blog. It’s going to be my blogaversary! I know it’s not a word but hey I hope you will let me getaway with it…lol…So with that in mind. I want to mention a mindset challenge that has has a hold on me. It saysContinue reading “Just start”

Let’s take action

Hello Everyone! Happy Sunday! Sorry it’s been awhile, been ghostwriting books, taking care of home and its been an adventure. First, I want to say hi to the new followers! I’m so glad you are here. I hope you read something here that encourages you, helps you make it to the next level. Well, todayContinue reading “Let’s take action”

A little something

Heyy fam!! Well, I’m sitting here watching a movie. Today has been a very chill day and I’m so glad! Family today I did nothing! Today I started thinking about what tomorrow means. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. It’s hard to believe that a life that was so full and wonderful has been gone forContinue reading “A little something”

Trying not to lose myself in the process

Heyyy heyy everyone! Today is such a great day and boy has it been busy! We are also in the last month of the year. I remember starting this year off as a woman planning to get married, and now I’ve been married going on 7 months! I love saying” my husband this or myContinue reading “Trying not to lose myself in the process”

I found the sunshine

Good morning fam!! Well, it’s been an exciting day, and I’m going through a tough time. I’m still away on a trip with my husband, and he’s not feeling the best. So, these past few days, I’ve been thinking, what’s going to happen, how are things going to go…Finding sunshine can be easy but atContinue reading “I found the sunshine”

Does the past help us or hurt us?

Hey fam! I’ve been pondering on things…the past we can hold on to different things that we either learned from our parents, our friends and even strangers. You ever heard the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? Well, yes a village did raise me, and with that comes many lessons both positiveContinue reading “Does the past help us or hurt us?”

How to love yourself

Heyyy fam!! Boy this week has been whooo but I’ve been doing some thinking…as always. But one thing I was thinking about was love, no not the romantic kind but how do we love ourselves? Let’s talk! So, please tell me one thing you love about yourself? But how to love yourself can be aContinue reading “How to love yourself”

Why I gotta handle it?

Heyy fam! My goodness! I’m sorry it’s been a minute since I’ve written. I shouldn’t have left you. But man its been so much going on. My husband has been doing therapy 2x a week and I’ve been driving 45 mins each way. But,if you don’t know already My husband is partially paralyzed so hisContinue reading “Why I gotta handle it?”

My turning point

Heyyy fam! Well I’m grateful that today is Win Wednesday! Today has been a action packed day, and I’m grateful that I get to relax. This morning I had one of those truly amazing conversations that really blessed me. Have you ever had a conversation like that? We were talking about the turning point inContinue reading “My turning point”