What is it about that word that just makes us cringe? I think that word doesn’t sound as bad if we are talking about processing our hair. But what if I told you that going through a process isn’t bad but necessary. Would you agree or disagree with that? I’ve been learning that when IContinue reading “Process”


Greetings fam! It’s been awhile but life has definitely been happening. One of the things I’m learning is what my purpose is. None of our lives are accidental. There is a purpose to our lives, some know and do it , while others don’t know and don’t care about it. Where do you lie? MyContinue reading “Purpose”

New blessings, New Doors

Heyyy fam! So many things I feel are changing in my life and it’s such a blessing. I remember when I was praying for the things I have now. Now they are reality instead of a prayer. As a kid writing was quiet in a world full of noise, after all these years I’m soContinue reading “New blessings, New Doors”

Happy November

Good afternoon,Good evening to wherever you are in this beautiful world. It’s literally the 11th month of the year and we have been blessed to be here. Wow time flies! I remember as a child, time used to drag and now that I’m older boy does it fly! Life truly is a gift and usContinue reading “Happy November”

Moving: The Final Frontier

Hey everyone I’m Renea and I want to talk to you about moving…let’s talk! Back in the day, when I was ready for a new start, and didn’t necessarily have the finances. I remember I would ask my friends to help me move, they would load up different things in their cars and would helpContinue reading “Moving: The Final Frontier”

Are we forgetting to live?

Heyy heyy fam! I’m so excited that today is Friday! We made it! This week has been great, I got some new opportunities that I can’t wait to tell you about, hubby is still in therapy and married life is now in its 4th month. I’m still getting used to the fact that I haveContinue reading “Are we forgetting to live?”