What is life?

Heyy fam! In our apartment we have a spare room and I call it my writing lab. I love to come in here and write, create and even to just think. I’ve got my old school R&b playing and my mood is set. I remember seeing a quote that there are two dates that changeContinue reading “What is life?”

Happy November

Good afternoon,Good evening to wherever you are in this beautiful world. It’s literally the 11th month of the year and we have been blessed to be here. Wow time flies! I remember as a child, time used to drag and now that I’m older boy does it fly! Life truly is a gift and usContinue reading “Happy November”

I found the sunshine

Good morning fam!! Well, it’s been an exciting day, and I’m going through a tough time. I’m still away on a trip with my husband, and he’s not feeling the best. So, these past few days, I’ve been thinking, what’s going to happen, how are things going to go…Finding sunshine can be easy but atContinue reading “I found the sunshine”