Greetings fam! It’s been awhile but life has definitely been happening. One of the things I’m learning is what my purpose is. None of our lives are accidental. There is a purpose to our lives, some know and do it , while others don’t know and don’t care about it. Where do you lie? MyContinue reading “Purpose”


It’s funny the things that you learn with time. Here I am in my mid thirties starting to feel like my life is actually starting. Has anyone ever felt that way? I look at the different things I was doing just five years ago and it’s different. Five years ago It was 2017 and IContinue reading “Learning”

New blessings, New Doors

Heyyy fam! So many things I feel are changing in my life and it’s such a blessing. I remember when I was praying for the things I have now. Now they are reality instead of a prayer. As a kid writing was quiet in a world full of noise, after all these years I’m soContinue reading “New blessings, New Doors”

I found the sunshine

Good morning fam!! Well, it’s been an exciting day, and I’m going through a tough time. I’m still away on a trip with my husband, and he’s not feeling the best. So, these past few days, I’ve been thinking, what’s going to happen, how are things going to go…Finding sunshine can be easy but atContinue reading “I found the sunshine”


Heyyy!! Well it’s been a minute since I’ve written, sorry I left you(trying to rap lol). But this weekend had been really good, I went to a Women’s conference on yesterday. At first I really didn’t want to go but my husband wanted to support a Pastor of a church we have been to. ThatContinue reading “Newness”

I’m home

Hey fam!I hope everyone is doing well today….One thing that I’ve learned is that there is someone out there that wants what you already have. I feel it’s important to be grateful for everything you have. I can say their has been times for me when life humbled me. In a period of my life,Continue reading “I’m home”