Well, drum roll. My birthday was last week. I’m officially a middle aged woman, it’s a blessing. I’m glad to be this age. You may ask well how old are you? I’m 37 now and some may say you old, some may say you young. I say I’m grateful to be here and I willContinue reading “Home”

A year and a day in

Well, here we are. It’s been a year and a day that I’ve been writing to you and I’ve met so many great people on this page. I want you to know that every like and comment, really warms my heart. You guys are Rockstars! So, as we end out this month, yes I’m stillContinue reading “A year and a day in”

Four ways to be successful.

Hey hey fam! These past few days have been busy, but one thing that has been on my mind is success. It’s one thing that we all have in our hearts and minds from an early age. I’ve been guilty of measuring my life by success and how I can attain it and keep it.Continue reading “Four ways to be successful.”

A new day!

Heyyy fam! March 29 was the day that I came on this platform and said okay here we go…I’m gonna do a blog. With the support of my then fiancée, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start this journey. So, here I am almost five months later and I’ve seen somethingContinue reading “A new day!”